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Club Congress Workshop Package

20 Instructive Club Classes -- 15 Hours of Quality Instructional Content -- 13 Talented Instructors

Your Purchase Supports the Future of Club Congress

Keep the creative juices flowing with the Club Congress 2021 Workshop Package! Featuring a variety of juggling styles and skill levels taught by some of your favorite club jugglers, it's sure to keep you busy leveling up your skills while supporting an event you love.  Classes were filmed live on Zoom as part of Club Congress 2021 and are available as a Rewatch Package for rent or purchase on demand.

Rewatch Package Includes:

Beginner Club Swinging- Kevin Axtell 

Advanced Club Swinging- Kevin Axtell

Beginner Club Taps and Hits- Stefan Brancel

Advanced Club Taps and Hits- Stefan Brancel

Club Traps- Jeremiah Johnston

3 Club Legos- Jesse Johnston 

Club Manipulation- Marvin Ong

Your First Club Tricks- Morgan Bennett

How to Toss Juggle 3 Clubs- Morgan Bennett

Easy 3 Club Tricks to Master at Home- Lauri Koskinen

Beginner Contact Club- Anni Kupper

Learning Club Fishtails- Zoe Shugart

Club Prechauc- Jorge & Santi

The Yukilator Twist and other Legos- Yuki Ueda

Arm Balances- Cam Resch

Lazies & Penguins- Sara Noelle

3 Club Scissor Theory- Jeremiah J & Kevin Axtell

Sebs Mess Breakdown- Jeremiah Johnston

The 3 Club Triad Lego Series- Kevin Axtell

Sequencing Class- Jeremiah Johnston

+ The Original Club Motion "DVD" as a bonus!

Level up your club manipulation skills with this hour long Instructional and Inspirational "DVD" from the Club Motion Crew. Available as a Digital Download to stream or Download.


Check out our Prop Art album! The largest image collection of art sculptures made from props. 

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