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Instructional Juggling Content

Home to an ever growing collection, these videos and playlists can help take your skills and understanding to new heights. Find us at an event near you or reach out to us on social media with your questions @clubmotionjuggling. 

2008 Club Motion "DVD"

Though a bit dated stylistically, the 1 hour and 40 minutes of content holds up well, making for a thorough and amusing introduction to club manipulation techniques including Scissors, Traps, Legos and more. 

Now available for a $2.99 download. 

Instructional Archive

The Club Motion crew has been teaching club juggling and manipulation  since 2008. From concept driven video tutorials to spontaneous "workshop re-caps" this playlist serves as an archive of instructional content created by the team since the creation of Club Motion. 

Scissor Matrix Di-scissor-tation

Kevin Axtell provides a humorous, yet informative,

explanation of the Scissor Matrix

Filmed at IJA 2014 @ Purdue University

Learn Triad Legos

Kevin takes us on in-depth look into the wide world of Triad Legos. Specifically focusing on Cradle, Weave, and Buzzsaw Legos.

Learn to Spin While Juggling

Jeremiah presents several ways to begin integrating spinning into your juggling pattern. 

Learn Wrist Traps


Mixed Skill Level

Fun Medley

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