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Club-Art Show

Saturday, 1/16/21 @ 8:00PM

Open call for Artist Submissions!

To help inspire the creation of club art and share our enthusiasm for clubs with the world, we're thrilled to announce the first ever Club-Art Show!


Submit your Club-Art Piece to be featured in the show, and tell your friends!


Deadline to submit is Wed 1/13/21.



  • The Art Show will be hosted by Jesse Johnston at 8:00PM on Saturday, 1/16 at Club Congress. 

  • There are no interviews, and you do not need to be present at the show to have your work featured.

  • If your artwork is available for purchase in any capacity, the Club Art show will highlight your existing business and provide links, directing interested viewers to your site or email.

  • You can absolutely submit multiple times if you have multiple pieces you'd like us to consider.

Submissions must follow these guidelines:

  1. The Art Piece must be your own work and somehow relate to clubs! 

  2. Visual & Fine Arts only. Artwork must be submitted as a JPG. No video or audio submissions accepted. This can include paintings, hand drawings, digital artwork, pins, stickers, ceramics, prop art, woodwork, glass blowing, stained glass, etc.

  3. No photos of people (or pets) posing or juggling with clubs. No light-trail photography. This only applies to photographs. A painting, drawing, etc of someone juggling or posing IS allowed. 

  4. These rules may be bent or broken at our discretion. If you have something awesome, but are uncertain about your piece qualifying, submit it. If we agree, it might still get featured!

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