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Club Fest 2.0 Announcement First Draft.p

That's a wrap!

What an amazing event! A huge thank you goes out to our dedicated Club Fest team who contributed their time and talents to make it all possible. From the instructors and performers in the Gala Show and Battle Night, to the tireless tech team that made the event possible, we are so grateful to have such an amazing and enthusiastic community.

Another BIG thank you goes out to our sponsors! To Sean and Prisna of Flowtoys for providing the incredible space from which to host Club Fest, their continual encouragement and support for club centric projects, as well as providing loads of awesome prizes throughout the weekend. Also to Eli and Scramble of for hosting the 4 Club Giveaway as a build up to Club Fest, for being a big part of the social media team, and hosting the show! You guys are amazing! 

And of course, we have endless gratitude for everyone who tuned into Club Fest. Without you we'd simply be shouting into the digital void. Your enthusiasm and support inspires us every day and we look forward to connecting, sharing and growing together more in the future! If you haven't already, please take a moment to find us on the socials so we can continue this journey together. 

Find us @ClubMotionJuggling

With love and gratitude,
The Club Motion Crew

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